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Cincinnati’s American Sign Museum is the largest public museum dedicated to commercial signage in the country. Located in the Camp Washington neighborhood, the museum showcases over 100 years of American sign history.

New and rebranding businesses alike need their lobby signs to welcome customers and show off their branding. Cincinnati indoor signs are a great way to make your business look fresh and inviting.

Whether it’s your building, suite or office space, interior signs play just as important of an role in your branding and business success as your exterior signage. In fact, a FedEx survey found that nearly 50% of customers enter or decline doing business with a company based on their perception of its quality from its signage.

Ensure that your customers and guests can easily find their way around your office with directories and wayfinding signs that help them navigate offices, conference rooms, restrooms and more. Educate and inform your guests with lobby signs that welcome visitors, display your company’s core values or share inspirational messages and quotes. Support individuals with disabilities with ADA signs that meet compliance guidelines and help guide them through your facility.

In a business that relies on spur-of-the-moment buying decisions, the right signage can help attract and retain customers. Studies show that on-premise signs are among the best advertising investments a company can make—dollar for dollar. Auto dealerships, hotels, restaurants and shopping centers that invest in creative building signage have seen a steady increase in customer traffic and sales.

We can help create interior signage that complements the key branding messages established by your exterior signs and helps guide your shoppers through your facility. Whether it’s a simple welcome sign, a product display or directional wayfinding signs, we have the expertise to turn your signage ideas into profit-generating retail solutions.

Signs that are attractive, legible and kept in good repair promote a business as being well cared for. Conversely, customers will assume that a business with a poorly maintained sign is not a quality place to do business. We provide the best quality interior signage to keep your business looking its best.

In a restaurant setting, interior signage can help improve the customer experience, promote products and services, provide directions and so much more. The right signs can make all the difference, and our experts at Cincinnati Sign Company can design the perfect signs to communicate your message to your customers.

Channel letter signs are one of the most popular sign types for businesses, and they’re a great way to make your brand stand out from the competition. Also known as front lit channel letters, this style of sign features an acrylic face with aluminum returns and trim cap, with a transparent back that allows the inner lighting to shine through, creating an elegant illuminated outline for your business’s name.

Foam boards are another type of interior signage that is both inexpensive and versatile. Made from styrene, these foam signs can be shipped flat and cold bent into a 3D presentation or displayed on an easel.

Hotel interior signage sets the mood for the customer experience. Properly designed and created hotel signs help customers feel comfortable during their stay and ensure that any questions they may have are answered quickly.

Signs can communicate so much about your business, its products and services, brand persona, and more. The Cincinnati Sign Company team will work with you to fully understand your needs and help you select the perfect decor pieces to convey that information through your interior signage.

Foam board signs are an affordable and versatile option for indoor displays. They’re available in a wide range of sizes and can be cold bent to create three-dimensional presentations or wrapped around a pole. The styrene foam core also makes them light and easy to handle, making them a good choice for portable signage. Foam boards are available with tactile letters and Grade 2 Braille for ADA compliance. They’re also durable, withstanding heat and moisture without fading.

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