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One of the biggest advantages of screen printing over other printing methods is the ability to make personalized print jobs. Unlike other printing methods, this technique only needs one set-up. This means that any changes to the design can be done quickly, saving you money on each print. It is also a great choice for high-volume productions, as you will only need a few sets of screens. There are some disadvantages of screen-printing, however.

Screen-printed prints tend to have a brighter finish than other printing methods. Because of this, screen printing is most suitable for darker surfaces. However, this method is not recommended for more intricate designs, such as those based on photography. The limited range of colors used in screen printing means that it is not possible to create precise gradients. While this is a disadvantage of screen-printing, it is a distinct advantage when it comes to t-shirts.

Another advantage of screen-printing is that it is possible to create multiple layers of ink, making it possible to produce a more durable design. Screen-printed products can be used in harsh environments and are resistant to UV rays. For this reason, screen-printed products can be utilized outdoors and in the workplace without worrying about fading or deteriorating. In contrast to other printing methods, screen-printing requires more set-up time. As a result, you can expect to pay more per unit.

Screen-printing is also cheaper than digital printing. However, the inks used for screen-printing are thicker and can withstand more stress. As a result, screen-printing is more suitable for large-scale orders. The higher the number of garments in an order, the cheaper it is per unit. Despite this, screen-printing is the best option for high-volume productions.

There are some disadvantages of screen-printing. The process is complicated and requires a lot of water. A screen-printing process can be expensive, as it requires a lot of water for mixing and cleaning the inks. Therefore, it is not recommended for companies that need to print thousands of t-shirts quickly. But it is more suitable for companies that want to produce high-quality t-shirts fast.

Aside from being inexpensive, screen-printing is also faster than other printing methods. It is possible to print a large number of t-shirts in a single day if you have a skilled team. In fact, screen-printing is the fastest method of all for high-volume productions. This is another benefit of silk-screen printing over other forms of printing. To find out more about screen printing visit Orlando embroidery and printing company.

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